Lavender Sprays

Sedona Lavender sprays are perfect for hair, face and body. Stash one on your bathroom counter, in your car or your purse for an instant spritz of calm and relaxation during a busy day.

Lavender Soaps

Sedona Lavender Farm all natural luxurious Lavender Bath Bar lathers like shaving cream and filled with the aroma of Lavender Buds and Essential oil
of Lavender. Turn your bath or shower into a spa moment every day.

Culinary Lavender

From meats, fish, chicken and eggs to candies, breaks, pastry and ice cream. Lavender’s many uses are legendary. Use this very special herb to add brightness and flavor to your favorite recipes.

Lavender Tea

The makes for an excellent paring for a tasty cup of tea served up hot or served up cold over ice for a refreshing summer treat. Add 1 tsp in the mesh infuser per 16oz of hot water. Brew 5-10 minutes….enjoy!

Lavender Sachets

Sedona Lavenders Iridescent Lavender Sachets  The heavenly aroma of lavender buds and flowers for your drawers or closets

Bath & Beauty Body Butters

Our assortment of body butters, hydrating botanical mists and eucalyptus body mists are sure to awaken your senses. Made with love and only natural ingredients they are sure to provide the essential care your body deserves.

Timeless Face Serum

Essential Oils of Lavender, Rose, Absoloute, Sandalwood, Geranium and Frankincense. Message six drops nightly to your face using the palms of your hands as if giving your face a massage. Use Timeless Restoration Serum along with your regular evening skin care regime.

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